BIG InfoMonitor retains the Register of Debtors. It is the only Register operating in Poland which provides the access to the database of Credit Information Bureau and the Polish Bank Association (6.1 Million information on overdue debt of businesses and consumers).


Register of Debtors ERIF SA - information bureau (BIG), created and operating under the provisions of the Act of 9th of April 2010, by sharing business information and exchanging business data (Dz. U. No. 81, item. 530 as amended.), in accordance with the Management Regulations data of December 21, 2010, approved by the Minister of Economy, after obtaining a positive opinion of the Inspector General for Personal data Protection.


PZIP is an Association of Loan Companies, registered employers' organization, whose aim is to ensure high standards of provision of financial services in the loan sector. Association brings together market leaders representing electronic loan sector FINTECH. The organization is an independent, self-governing and democratic representative of the leading loan institutions.


BIK Group's mission is to promote confidence and security of participants of economic activity in Poland by providing complete and reliable information possible.


Primus Finance S.A. is offering a short term online loans of up to 4000 PLN. The team consists of experts who gained their experience working for both major Polish banks and reputable institutions with a broad sense of the financial sector. Among other brands the company owns the internet platform www.chwiló

Krajowy Rejestr Długów

The Bureau was established on 4 August 2003. It provides its services to all business entities: sole traders, small and medium enterprises as well as large corporations. KRD has created an economic information exchange system which consolidates all the branches of economy.